New to Dublin. Looking for gig / drinking buddies

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  •  Luke #46895


      Moved up to Dublin to start a job a few weeks ago. I’m 22, and know very few people in the city. I’m really into gigs, playing music (I play drums and I’m learning bass guitar), video games, films, tv shows, and I’m both a big fan of beer and coffee. Looking forward to meeting people with similar interests! 🙂

    •  Liz #46933

        Hey Luke! Same here i’m 23, really into gigs and live music but a lot of my friends have left Dublin so I’m stuck without any gig buddies most of the time! What’s your email?

      •  gary #46954

          Hey luke and liz i too recently moved to dublin and am in the same position as you both. feel free to email me at garymurphy-91’ and tell me a bit about what has you up here and what part of dublin you are in, cheers talk soon

        •  Aaron #46960

            Hey guys, i’m 21 and i can relate to all of ya. I live in South Dublin and would live to meet up with new people. feel free to message me 🙂

          •  Irene #46972

              Hi! I am 23, from Spain. I arrived 6 months ago and now i would like to finding new friends to do new things. If your want, we are in touch. This is my whatsapp number: 0834658702

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