New to Ireland, looking to make some friends

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  •  Som #47137

      Hi all!

      I moved to Dublin a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, don’t know anyone here. I would LOVE to chat with some friendly faces and not feel lonely in this lovely city.

      I am an easy going girl. Not the biggest drinker you’d meet, but I do like to go out and let my hair down. I will be working full time starting next week. Always open to an outing on weekends though.

      P.S. Drinks tonight?


    •  Shane #47141

        Hey Som😄 Welcome to Dublin! Im always up for meeting new people. Can’t have too many friends right? Lemme know if you wanna meet up some time for a drink or a coffee….lunch…whatever really 😄 I used a site like this when I was living in Australia and I met some amazing people through it.

      •  Ste #47143

          Hi Som, I am in my 20s. I am currently looking to meet new people and friends. Pretty easy going myself 😀 I would love to introduce and chat this city and the life here. If you wanna have chats my email is

          looking forward to hearing from you.

        •  Christina #47149

            Hi, I’m christina. I’ve been in dublin for 7 months now, but I’m still lacking a bit in the friends department. I enjoy going for a night out or going to the movies or whatever really. Let me know if you want to hang out.

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