New to Limerick, would be good to make a few new friends.

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  •  Dona_l #51815

      I am a 24, moved to Limerick a few months back for work. and am looking to make a few new friends. I am living in Castletroy, there are loads of young professionals around here but its proving a bit tricky to actually make friends. Looking for the usual stuff you do with friends. I am in town every weekend and the odd evening so happy to meet up inside there. Looking to make friends of either gender. It would be good if you are roughly the same age as myself.

      Also probably more into anything outdoors and cooking than your average person, so if they take your fancy then great. If not, no worries, I am sure we’ll find something in common.

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    •  Dona_l #52408

        I know its an unwritten rule to reply to yourself, but still interested in meeting a few new people so I’ll just bump this to the top of the queue 🙂

      •  K00 #52453

          Hey Im 23 and living in Limerick studying a masters. I’d love to meet up 🙂

          •  Dona_l #52454

              Cool, not sure how to exchange any contact details on this privately so I made an e-mail address: [email protected]

              Send me a mail and we can have a chat about possibly meeting up over the weekend 🙂

          •  Marjak #52458

              Hi there!

              I’m a 26 year old Finnish girl moving to Limerick for work, will actually live in Castletroy too 🙂 I’ll spend weekends in Galway but maybe we could meet up in Castletroy during the week some time? 🙂

              •  Dona_l #52459

                  Ya sounds good, send me an e-mail on the e-mail above and we’ll arrange something some evening 🙂

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