New to Sligo!

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  •  Hilda #53370

      I’m 25 and just moved to Sligo and am looking for some nice people to discover this lovely part of Ireland with. Except for doing daytrips in the north west of Ireland Id be happy to meet up for a coffee (or tea), go to cultural events and stuff like that 🙂

    •  Mod #53376

        Hi Hilda I’m new to Sligo too

        Just moved this weekend

        Get in touch on 0857572138

      •  LJane #53378

          Heya, I’m 28 and new to Sligo as well. Just in last week. Let’s get in touch 🙂

          •  Hilda #53384

              Great 🙂 How about meeting up for a coffee/tea? I know there’s a nice place in Strandhill called Shells. Or meet up somewhere in town. My email is matildanilsson@

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