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  •  Della #47724

      Hi there,

      I recently moved to Tralee from Dublin and I would love to make some new friends here. I’m not used to sitting at home and would feel a bit weird going to a pub on my own. Tonight I’m off to the cinema to pass time. I had a great social circle in Dublin, and I miss the company. I like restaurants, cinema, wine, reading, animals, music, a bit of everything really.
      So, If you’re in the same boat as me, or just fancy a night out, give me a shout.


    •  James Brown #47929

        I am in the same boat, except that I have just moved to Tralee from the uk. I ventured into town on my own last night for a drink but felt rather self-conscious about it. How are you getting on? Any advice on making new friends etc?

      •  Monica #47933

          Hi guys! Would you like to meet up next week in Tralee?
          Just text me on whatsapp and we will arrange for something: 0858240225.

          •  James #47935

              Hi Monica that sounds good

          •  Monica #47959

              Cool! I know that every tuesday the tickets for the cinema in Tralee are only 5 euros. But after the movie nothing else to do… The pubs are closed.

            •  Monica #47973

                Any idea?

              •  Kirsten #49665

                  Hey there, my name is kirsten, originally a dub :-D, i live near tralee and i am looking to make some decent friends, so sick of being dcrewed over by two faced assholes hahaha, i hate that crap i love up open and honest people, i am 30 (20 at heart). animal lover and i am an artist (not a hippie lol), was a tattoo artist but health probs had to stop. so im looking for cinema and coffee buddies, im not much of a pub goer. would love to travel..ummm what else? oh jesus i just realised how boring i am haha, anyway if u wanna have a decent good friend give me a shout 😀

                •  Katie kates #52076

                    Hey anyone up for going for coffee and a chat? Just moved back to Tralee (I’m from South Africa but have lived between Tralee and UK for 2 years). Don’t know many people here besides for my boyfriend and I’m finding it difficult to meet people. I’m also interested in hiking, playing guitar and ukulele, and go to gym at the Brandon (looking for a gym buddy also haha). Give me a message if anyone is interested for a coffee and chat 🙂

                  •  MissKerry #52080

                      Hi everyone I’m on this to make new Girlie friends!!!
                      I love to go shopping and like to go out to few pubs & going clubbing I also like to go for long walks along the beach I love animals and would enjoy meeting up for coffee and would enjoy going for shopping day out trips as I love Fashion . : )

                      •  Katie kates #52083

                          Hi 🙂 where in Kerry are you? I’m in Tralee- if you are nearby lets make a plan to meet up 🙂

                      •  MissKerry #52084

                          Hi katie sounds good to me I’m from tralee I’m never meet anyone off this before have you ….?

                          •  Katie kates #52085

                              Ah great 😄 Nope never met up with anyone on this site – I’ve used couch surfing a few times for meet ups but doesn’t seem to be many people around at the moment! If you send me an email we can make a plan to meet up katie _ kroone 😄

                          •  MissKerry #52086

                              Hey I’m sick at the min with flu been to hell and back the last few days it took a lot out of me cool I’ll e-mail you in a while must cook dinner shortly chat soon.

                            •  MissKerry #52087

                                Hey katie I tryed to e-mail you there and it’s says that
                                E-mail address is not e-mail address I’ll try send you message on Facebook if you are on it if that’s ok.?

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