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  •  Donal #42520

      Hi Folks,
      Just starting to plan the next group meet up.. How would Saturday the 27th of September suit people? We could arrange to go to a comedy gig in town, if that was something people were interested in?

      Everyone is very welcome!
      So to recap:
      Saturday 27th of September:
      Planned event: A couple of drinks followed by a comedy gig in the International Bar..

      Please let me have feed back !

      Chat to everyone soon.

    •  lars #42525

        Hi donal,

        I missed the previous meet-up unfortunately.
        But i’d be up for a comedy gig. Sounds like fun.

        Count me in 😉

      •  Cormac #42526

          Hi Donal,

          How did the last one go?

        •  Donal Tuomey #42528

            Hi Cormac,
            The last event was a good laugh. It was a small group but we had a fun night. I’m going to organise another meet up in a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping to see a lot more people attend. It will add more to the group dynamics – I think everyone will appreciate having the chance to meet a large number of new friends!

          •  Daniel #42586

              Hey guys, Im in, let me know if event will be confirmed

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