Non drinkers to Hangout in Galway city

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  •  Gracie #44702

      Hey i am 100% Irish I am a non drinker or smoker and i would like to meet anyone who dosen’tdrnk i am struggling to find some friends in the galway area who dont drink i feel like i have to get myself drunk just to make a group of friends. ! which i wont.. I enjoy reading comics or going for long walks on the beach i am in my early 20s i enjoy video gaming i would be very much intrested in meeting anyone who just came to ireland to study and feel like they are alone .. non english speakers are welcome

    •  Vrinda #47556

        Hi Gracie, I am non Irish but also a nondrinker, nonsmoker, and would like to meet someone in galway as we just moved a few months ago and is getting tough to meet new people. I like going to library and tearoom and also like to see places, going on walk to the beach etc. I’m nonnative but do speak english fairly well. Do not hesitate to get in touch !

        •  Car #47850

            Hi ladies…I’m better off the next day without a drink, do I can take it or leave it…I’m Irish, well half! And I DO smoke but I have a yearning to go out and dance, I know there are drinkers but you can fun no matter what… Anyone fancy heading out a bit later tonight, after 10? Dancing feels great and it passes the night well…are any of ye up for it? Car

        •  Raffaella #47918

            Hello, I’m Raffaella an italian 40. I’m in Galway for Three Montis and I would like to meet new friends. If you WANT to know me please write me. Ok. Bye I live in Salthill. Bike. Raffaella

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