Off the beaten track things to do in Dublin

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  •  Cormac #46303

      Here’s an article in today’s Indo with a list of 10, off the beaten tack, things you can do in Dublin.

      Some of them look like great ideas. šŸ™‚

    •  Antonella #46311

        Hi šŸ™‚ thank you for the article, very useful.
        All of those things are really interesting to do/to see but one in particular caucht my attention….The silent disco.
        It’s the first that I’ve heard of this thing šŸ™‚ It sounds nice.


        •  Cormac #46326

            I think a silent disco would be a bizarre thing to behold, I’ve never seen one though.
            Kayaking on the Liffey would probably give you dysentery. šŸ™‚

            I’d recommend a tour of the vaults of Christchurch, that’s pretty cool.

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            •  Antonella #46332

                Dysentery?! ahhahaha šŸ˜› No thanks!
                I’d like kayaking but maybe the silent disco it’s better to do or to see.

                Mmmmh Ok …I think that I will visit the vaults of Christchurch dancing silently…just to optimaze the time!
                I have just another month to stay in Ireland šŸ˜› Thank you for your advices.

          •  Cormac #46354

              The dead would rise if there was a silent disco in Christchurch Cathedral!

              •  Antonella #46355

                  Oh yes. Very alternative šŸ™‚ I will suggest this possibility to the responsibles if I go to the Church.

              •  Mell #54167

                  Hi cormac

                  An old post with my phone number has gone up by mistake,can you take it down please?
                  I’ve tried contacting you but meassage keeps failing

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