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  •  Joey #49504

      I’m a 28-year-old guy originally from Galway, im looking to expand my social circle with more out doorsy people to go on random adventures, go for coffee, a drink, movies or even a gym buddy or a running buddy. soon I’m planning on trying sailing and hopefully scuba diving, it should be fun, if I could find a group who might be interested in coming along i think it would be all the better. send me a msg if you would be interested

    •  Edward #49517

        Hi Joey,

        I’ve recently moved up to Dublin myself, from Laois, looking to expand my social circle too. I’m in to hiking and running, open to trying other activities such as sailing etc. I must admit I’m not fond of the gym myself but then again it might be down to finding it a bit monotonous at times. Outdoors pursuits definitely a more enjoyable experience. I enjoy bouldering and I’d like to try climbing too, if that is something you’d be interested in.

      •  Becca #49519

          Hey Joey (and Edward)!

          I’m 23 and looking for the same thing! I’m massively into the outdoors, hiking, sailing, water sports and just general exploring. I’ve been looking for a sailing buddy since moving up here 5 months ago so if either of you guys are up for it I go in Dun Laoighaire sometimes.

          My email is http://scr.im/3bl8 hit me up! 🙂

        •  Joey #49536

            Hi guys,
            That sound great, maybe we can get together some time for a drink swap details and plan something out. I got my self a 3 hour sailing intro off Groupon so maybe we could try that or even kite surfing if anyone is feeling a bit of adrenaline. Let me know

          •  Wojtek #49577

              Same here. I’m willing to try anything. We could meet up and plan something

              I’m 25 live in Dublin.

              Get in touch please.

            •  Byran #49583

                Hi guys

                It would be great to get involved with you lot!

                I’ve just started a bit of wind surfing, would love to scuba dive more as I just got my padi cert and attempt to surf regularly.

                I’m keen for trying any new hobbies.

                25 year old guy, originally from Scotland but living out in Leixlip. Would be good to meet everyone!


              •  Joey #49639

                  Hi guys, so if you all are still interested in meeting how about we all meet up on Sunday some where in Dublin to swap details and get to know each other. Just post a responce with attending or can’t attend and we can there decide on a location.
                  Cheers guys

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