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  •  Andrea2103 #53595

      Hi, My name is Andrea I am from Spain. I have recently arrived to mullingar and work as an au pair. I would like to meet people to party or just have a coffee.
      if you live near or in mullingar and you want to know me, talk to me. 😊

    •  Afrobella #53743

        Hi Andrea,

        I am a stay at home mom of a 4 year old, African and been finding it hard making new friends since moving here 2 years ago as most of my friends are back in England and Africa.
        My husband is away for work most times and often I find myself feeling like a single mom.
        My daughter recently started preschool, which gave me a bit more hours to myself in the morning but not enough to mingle.
        I love to cook and bake, explore new recipes and culture. I would love to get out more ,have an adult conversation and a cup of coffee.
        I recently started language exchange with French and Spanish speaking natives online.
        Although I am a bit shy, I do believe i can survive a drink and some adult conversation.
        I live in mullingar .

        •  Deedee92 #53760

            Hi Andrea and Joy,

            I am 25 y.o girl who works and lives in Athlone for 2 years now. I came here because my boyfriend is Irish. I love shopping, going to
            cinema, watching romantic comedies, meeting new people, cultures and languages. I donโ€™t mind going for party now and then or during holiday but Iโ€™m not big fan of pubs. Though I absolutely love restaurants ๐Ÿ™‚ I like cooking and baking too (when I have time).
            Let me know if any of you want to meet for coffee and see have we got anything nice to talk about ๐Ÿ™‚
            All the best to you

            •  Afrobella #53765

                Hello Deedee,

                I would love to meet up for a cuppa and have some girlie time. Since we are not allowed to disclose our phone numbers on here, you could reach me on my email: [email protected].
                Speak soon ๐Ÿ™‚

          •  jessica #53879

              Hey you guys, I am 22 and living in athlone and studying, but am not big on going out either and would much rather have a cup of tea and a chat. Please contact me also if you wish to meet up on [email protected] Regards, Jessica

              •  Kat #53906

                  Hi girls am for portlaoise,would love to meet up for a chat ?

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