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  •  Maggie #52413

      Looking to make new friends in the waterford area, or any area really. Between people moving away and friends drifting apart it would be nice to get to know some new people. I’m 26 and pretty easy going

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    •  Lisa 23 #52642

        Hey Maggie,
        I’m Lisa 23 years old and I just arrived in waterford.I’m here for an 6 month internship.Are YouTube still in waterford? lets meet for a pint in a pub!

      •  Al1991 #52646

          Hi Maggie and Lisa,

          I’m in a similar situation to you Maggie. I moved to the South East nearly 2 years ago after college (wow hard to believe it’s that long already!) and found it quite difficult to make new friends. I went to college in Waterford and met a lot of great people but once we graduated everybody sort of went their separate ways, people moved back home, emigrated, moved to find jobs etc šŸ™ so that sucks! But I’m glad I wondered upon this website and saw your post. I’m 26, a girl, have various hobbies and interests and would really like to meet new people to chat and socialise with šŸ™‚

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