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  •  Molly #44745

      Hi everyone, let me tell you my story first. I’m a female, 18 years old.
      I moved to Ireland 5 years ago and completely failed at socialising. I had made a couple of good friends by now, but ironically they all moved into different counties.
      I’ve been on my own for too long, this loneliness almost drives me into great madness, insanity. I had a person with whom I shared a bond, connection, we had same interests, same life view and she always supported me whenever I felt like giving up with this shit. I did the same for her. But, as time passed we eventually have forgotten about each other. It is something I don’t want further to discuss.
      Yes, I am broken, people push me away, and I’m tired. So I guess there’s no real reason why I am doing such a crazy thing like this. I need to find friends and I don’t know how else to do it.
      About myself: I like reading, a lot,mostly classic literature.
      I laugh at my own jokes because people don’t get them, but I do.
      I like going to museums and art exhibitions.
      Sometimes I can be a terrible person. But I will treat you the way you treat me.
      I love drinking, fucking wine, I want to drown in it.
      I curse.
      I’m a romantic – the soul of a poet.
      Yes, I like using metaphors whenever I can.
      My music taste varies from Opera/classical music like Schubert or Bach to grunge music that makes me want to do hard drugs in a dirty motel room.
      I like drawing on people’s hands and collarbones.
      I am loyal, and honest. Sometimes I don’t filtrate what comes out of my mouth. So of you are as provocative and scandalous as me, I will probably like you.
      Provocative and scandalous, in a good , high-intellectual way. Get it?
      So. I am looking for people that are ready to save me from myself, people that will walk on roof top with me at 4 am, singing Lana Del Rey songs and taking about the meaning of life. People that will accept my shirty personality and mood that changes every 5 seconds. Also, this website is creepy, and I’m very concerned about what kind of people are here.
      I will ask you for your Facebook profile and Instagram if you have one. Yes, sometimes I judge books by it’s cover.
      So, if you are crazy, smart ass, intelligent and boring, always anxious and depressed like me, age 16-19. Join my life and let’s fucking form a friendship that will last forever. Because I gave up, lost my trust and faith in people. Let’s get drunk and read Bukowski poems with me. Yes, he is the on that motivates me. Better do a research on him before contacting me.
      Any volunteers? (Why am I doing this?)

    •  Anonymous #44765

        hm…I just went there, will I regret it..? ok my emails and yes I made a fake one for this as I don’t trust people at all

      •  Laetitia #45024

          hi, where are you living here? my email is , feel free to text me.

        •  Leanne #45033

            Heya I’m in the same boat as you, lost contact with all my friends. If you wanna chat text me here

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