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  •  Francis smyth #45745


      Married Irish guy in mid thirties looking to meet others to watch rugby with or socialise generally in Dublin.


    •  Tyrone #45750

        Hey bud, im from South Africa, and im 34 and keen on getting out and watching some rugga!

      •  ty #45753
        •  John #45893

            Hi Lads

            I’m mid thirties also, I’m not a huge rugby fan but would be interested in getting out for a few beers.

            I’m from and live in Dublin.

          •  Jay #46148

              Hi Lads, how are you all?

              I’m James 30, from Dublin like meeting new people to socialise and to
              make new friends along the way.

              Big into sports and like watching rugby even in sports bars in town.

              Although the rugby season hasn’t started yet perhaps we can all meetup
              for a few cold ones in town if your all interested?

     feel free to send a message anytime!


            •  Steve #46193

                Heya Lads,

                I am 27 based in South Dublin looking to meet new friends and socialise. Big into rugby and laughs.

                Email me at anytime.


              •  Michael #46211

                  Hi Lads,

                  I’m mid thirties, I’m not a huge rugby fan but I like sport, football, basketball and I would be interested in getting out for a few beers.

                •  Paddy #46391

                    Hey Guys,

                    Im always up for a few beers adn watching the rugby! Long as Ulster are winning! If anyone fancies meeting up before the season starts give us a shout


                    •  Cormac #46393

                        “Long as Ulster are winning!”

                        How often does that happen! 😉

                        Just kidding, they’ve been great the last few years.

                    •  Sean #46401

                        Hey Lads,

                        There are a few warm up matches coming up. Anyone up for meeting up for drinks and watch some matches?

                      •  Paddy #46404

                          Haha in fairness since i left belfast i’ve lost touch with the results but now im settled in dub i’ll be back cheering them on! Yeah Sean that souunds like a plan sure send me an email and a few of us will meet up.


                        •  Anonymous #46408

                            I will email you when i get home later. It seems like we are all from different areas/ countries. It’s gonna be gas! haha


                          •  Cormac #46500

                              Good result on Saturday! Did you guys watch it anywhere?

                            •  Anonymous #46501

                                Watched it in Fitzgeralds in Sandycove. It was great result. The lads in green looked way sharper than the Welsh players!

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