sat night crew :)

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  •  glitterbomb #53969


      i’m from Dublin, 33, single with no kids. all my friends have bfs and families so id love to meet a few nice girls to go for a few sat night drinks in the city now and again 🙂
      i’m starting to dread weekends at this stage….not good!!!!

    •  ShellyLou1984 #53970

        Hey there, I am in the same position. Defo be interest😁

        •  glitterbomb #53985


            oh great stuff,
            its good to know im not alone in this 🙂
            we’ll have to organise something

        •  ShellyLou1984 #53986

            Hey thanks 4 replying. Defo into meeting up. My email is [email protected] get in touch.

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