Searching for friends in Galway (Claregalway)!

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  •  Lisa #46997

      Hi everyone! I’m Lisa, 24, just came to Ireland from the middle of nowhere and trying hard to socialize :))
      I like nature (a lot!), horrors, good comedian stend-ups, silence and smell of the ocean %)
      My English is not really perfect (actually it’s horrible, haha)) but I’m doing my best and trying to practice every day))
      Write me if you don’t mind to talk ^^

    •  Ola #46998

        Hey Lisa, my name is Ola and I’m also 24 yrs old. I recently moved to Ireland as well and it’s been a struggle to meet new friends! I understand it can be a challenge to learn a new language but you seem to be good at it anyway, plus you see the funny side of it haha. I’m also a big fan of nature ( especially wildlife). We seem to share similar interests so you can email me:

      •  Suzanne #47023

          Hi Lisa!

          I’m Suzanne, 25, and moved to Ireland a few weeks ago. I’d love to get to know you, I live in Galway, and most of our interests seem to match (I love nature, though I can’t watch horror movies ;-)). Just send me a message 🙂

          •  Lisa #47026

              Hey! Do you have any contacts so I could write you a message?)

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