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  •  Cherry #46286

      Hello there,

      I’m 23 and here for the summer to work. I would love to travel around Ireland at the weekends. I’m outgoing and spontaneous.
      I think there are a lots of good and cheap facilities to travel around Ireland (like daytours).

      So if you are spontaneous and would like to discover Ireland text me 🙂

    •  remi #46290

        we will maybe go on daytours 🙂 we are 2 french guys, 21 and 22 years, and there are maybe some other people interested 😀 send me a mail if you want 🙂

      •  Antonella #46299

          Hi Cherry! My name is Antonella, I’m from Italy. I’m an au pair and I live in the contryside. During the weekend, when I’m free, I visit Dublin but I’d like to go and see other places too!
          I ‘d like to visit the Cliff of Moher…are you interested in? Maybe we could organize to go there …also with other people (like Remi and Boris 😛 ) 😀
          We could keep in touch on skype.
          Let me know:) byee

        •  Francesco #46462

            I’m Francesco from Italy, and on Saturday I’m going to cliffs of mo her, a day trip that leaves from Dublin and go across the Ireland leading to the west coast. My friend suggested me cause he said “you’ll see the real Ireland “I’m gonna take the paddy wagon tours company. Why don’t you join me??:)

          •  Bec #46510

              Hi! I live in Ireland but I travel around all the time, would love to travel with people or I could show you places if you’re interested!

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