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  •  Dannie200 #53561

      Hi I’m 34 living in city center,, looking to make new friends for nights out at weekends, holidays, shopping, cinema etc,most of my friends are settled down wit partners and kids so find my self in most weekends.if anyone in same boat please contact thanks.

    •  Ms876 #53563

        Hope you don’t mind people a bit younger (I’m 29) but I’m in the same boat. The few girls I’ve befriended are now dating, so I’ve been forgotten. Lol.
        I’m usually free on weekends, so if you ever wanna arrange something, get back to me.

        •  Dannie200 #53564

            Hi my number is 0877852726 give me a text we can arrange something.

          •  Dannie200 #53565

              I’m in cork city

          •  LisaH #53566

              I am in the same boat all friends married with small babies im forgotten about!! sick staying in on weekends doing nothing!

              •  Dannie200 #53567

                  Hi lisa give me a text on ,0877852726 so we can arrange something.

              •  Kathleen2017 #53588


                  I’m Kathleen. I’m in the same boat text me 0873423079.


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