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  •  Jenjen32 #52961

      Hey ppl, new to sligo and looking to make friends to hang out with. Anyone around for some drinks and food? πŸ™‚

    •  LAURACROFTT #52966

        Hi jenjen32, how’s things 😊. I’m from Sligo and always looking to make new friends for going for a coffee or whatever. So if you’d like to meet for a coffee or a drink or whatever feel free to get in touch. 😊

        •  Mell #53004

            Hi Jensen

            Mell here same as the other girls.Most of my friends settled down or busy partners & kids.looking to make new friends & widen social circle.I live in westport

        •  Amandao #53010


            Am pretty new to Sligo as well and looking to meet new people and meeting up to do things πŸ™‚

          •  LAURACROFTT #53012

              Hi ladies, anyone interested in meeting up for a coffee? 😃

              •  Amandao #53014

                  When are you thinking laura? ☺️

              •  Deniseo #54194

                  I am the same im living in sligo and looking to meet new people 😀

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