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  •  LAURACROFTT #52583

      Hi everyone. I’ve recently joined this and hopefully make some new friends along the way. I’m in Sligo but don’t mind traveling a bit. Love most activities and willing to try anything. So if anyone’s interested in meeting up sometime just give me a shout. 😃

    •  magsgirls #52593

        Hi Laura.. I’m in Sligo also and would love to meet up.. need to broaden the social circles

      •  LAURACROFTT #52594

          Hi magsgirls, thks for your reply. How are you. Have you been on this long? It seems pretty quiet. I’m in my 40’s and most of my friends have settled down with partners and kids, so my social circle is getting smaller. 😏

        •  magsgirls #52596

            Hi Laura, Only saw this today and was delighted to find it. Like that I’m in my 40’s and finding myself with more free time. If you wanna meet up for a coffee let me know…M

          •  LAURACROFTT #52602

              Hiya, yeah coffee sounds good, maybe later in the wk or the wknd if you’re free!

            •  magsgirls #52674

                Hiya, will be free next week…

              •  magsgirls #52723

                  Hi… I’m free this weekend .. let me know if ya wanna meet up for a coffee

                •  LAURACROFTT #52726

                    Hiya magsgirls. I’m doing the darkness into light walk in Sligo this morning. And hoping to head to Westport later on Saturday. What about meeting on Sunday for a coffee? Would that suit?

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