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      Hi All,

      Want to learn Spanish for business or pleasure?
      Want to practice your language skills with other Spanish learners?

      Or maybe you are a Spanish speaker new to Ireland and want to make Irish friends.

      Come along to our social night on the 18th of April in the Library Bar, Russel Court Hotel to practice your language skills – details on

      Or logon to and start making friends and improving your language skills!

      What better way to learn a language than to communicate with native speakers? Create a profile on Spanglish and start sending messages to others. Make friends, meet new people.

      Download podcasts in Spanish and English about all sorts of interesting topics. If you’re feeling articulate, you can upload your own podcast to Spanglish so that others can learn from you.

      Because food and wine play such important roles in Spanish culture, Spanglish features recipes in Spanish and English. Ever wanted to learn how to cook great paella? Well now you can. Log on, download the recipe and get cooking!

      And when you’re not busy learning Spanish, cooking up a storm, and recording your voice, come along to one of our offline events. Hook up with your new online buddies. Put a face on the name …. and you never know, you might really like that face!!

      JOIN our community today at It’s free.


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