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  •  Donna Ryan #48340

      Hey everyone
      I’m a stay at home mother to two very young kids. I probably like many of you reading this are all in the same boat stuck in the house and run ragged ā˜ŗ old friends gone abroad and wanting new friends to have some adult conversation and a chit chat with. So if your if the boat as myself or not I love to hear from ya’l ā˜ŗ
      I live in midlands also.

    •  Cal #48479

        Hi, I’m a mother of two boys, and I totally understand about being stuck in the house. Im in Mayo. And it’s so very boring here 🙄🙄
        I love outdoor activities with the kids, traveling and all sort of activities.
        Mail me if you would like to chat šŸ™‚

        •  Lyndsey87 #51759

            Hi in the same boat stay at home mammy to a 20 month old girl, we’re in swords dublin if anyone is near by wants to meet up for coffee email is [email protected] or add me on Facebook..

        •  Max #48931

            In the same boat here. So busy, i do t have much time for a social life but would love to have someone to call to for a quick chat , or meet up with for coffee.

          •  Dublingirl #49194

              Hi all,

              I’m in the same boat however I live in a remote part of Wicklow! Would love to have more people to chat to. X

              •  wicklowgirl #49645

                  Hi were in wicklow are you im also in wicklow stay at hime mom of a 13 month old girl none of my friends have kids

              •  Noeleen #49233

                  Stay at home mam too! Would love someone to chat to 😃 It’s a sad situation when the highlight of the week is doing the grocery shopping 😂 I’m in Gorey area of Wexford

                •  Sarah #49312

                    Hi im a stay at hhome mam too. Interested in meeting people the same. Feel free to email me to have a chat!😊 Laois area

                    •  star #49694

                        hi , im stay at hoem mum in carlow , mail me for chat and coffee tx.

                    •  Noeleen #49400

                        Stay at home mam too, email me at 😃

                      •  Porsha #49424

                          Hey I’m a mum too 23 lives in dublin, would love new friends to hang out with. You can email me!

                          •  Porsha #49425

                              Email me at if your looking for a young mum friend to hang out with..

                              •  Patiii483 #52261

                                  Hey I’m a stay at home mommy too, 21 live in swords. Could travel down to the city or somewhere near, pretty much bored everyday with my 6 month old! And I’m a coffee lover, contact me on [email protected] or Patricie svirakova on Facebook!!!

                            •  Danielle #49474

                                I am also a stay at home mom with a 2 year old looking for new friends to chat and have a cuppa with šŸ™‚ normal talk not baby talk haha I’m in the Galway area

                              •  April #49643

                                  Hi im a stay at home mum as well iv live in mullingar and im looking for new friends im moved here 6years a go and i am finding it very hard to make friends i come from london

                                •  April #49644
                                  •  Agnes #49758

                                      Hi, I’m in the same boat, would love new friends šŸ™‚ Waterford

                                    •  Ms876 #50074

                                        Wicklow moms, where are you based?
                                        I’m in Blessington and have a little girl that’s a year and a half. Would love to meet people and get together.
                                        In a small town where I don’t really know anyone and have split with my hub.

                                      •  donna26 #51726

                                          hi everyone
                                          been a while since I last logged on
                                          feel free to add me on Facebook
                                          I will give my details to anyone who wants to chat 😀

                                        •  Afrobella #53744

                                            32yrs, stay at home mom of a 4 year old, African and been finding it hard making new friends since moving to Ireland 2 years ago.
                                            My husband is away for work most times and often I find myself feeling like a single mom.
                                            My daughter recently started preschool, which gave me a bit more hours to myself in the morning but not enough to mingle.
                                            I love to cook and bake, explore new recipes and culture. I would love to get out more with female mom’s just like me, have girlie conversations, arrange playdates for our kids and make long lasting friendships for myself and my 4 year old too.

                                            Although I am a bit shy, I believe i can survive a drink and some adult conversation šŸ™‚
                                            I live in mullingar .

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