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  •  Orly8887 #54496

      Hi all
      Am looking to make new friends from my area…I’m sick to death sitting in alone n not having any friends were I live…I’m easy going n up for drinks coffee food cinema…chilling watching movies or just chillin n a chat…iv no one around me…n im getting v down about it… If anyone up for being my friend pls msg

    •  CessnaPilot #54497


        Living on Malahide road. Looking to make new friends also.


        •  Orly8887 #54498

            Aww tat b great mick 😁

          •  when #54528

              im in Santry if I could make some friends on here I be delighted im 51 nearly 52 and I find it difficult as all people my age are married
              contact me and ill definely answer

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              •  Orlagh #54724

                  Hi When, What’s your email address? Could chat if you like?

            •  Anonymous #54501

                Hi there, what’s your name? chat maybe?

                •  Orly8887 #54503

                    Hiya its orla

                    •  Anonymous #54504

                        Hi Orla how are you? I’m Simon. I live in Drumcondra so not to far from you ish lol. What you up to?

                        •  Orly8887 #54505

                            Not long in from work…just gonna watch a movie wat bout urself ??

                          •  Anonymous #54506

                              Hi Orla, sorry only just seeing your reply there. Having a quiet night in tonight, how about yourself?

                      •  Orly8887 #54507

                          Hi tats no problem…I was out for a meal wit parents last night…now gonna have sunday dinner wit them… How bout u

                        •  N9271 #54519

                            Hi Orla, what’s your email address there?

                            •  Orly8887 #54521
                                •  when #54530

                                    id love to make new friends and really hoping ill be contacted im 52 and living in santry


                                    •  Orlagh #54722

                                        What’s your email address When?
                                        Could mail you and have a chat.

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                                •  Sarawn #54558

                                    Hi orla I’m 21

                                  •  Sarawn #54574

                                      Hi do you have instagram

                                    •  Carlos #54575

                                        Hey wer do u live ?

                                      •  Orly8887 #54579

                                          In swords

                                        •  brenda2929 #54727

                                            Hi Orla
                                            I feel the same as you , I came back from USA last June.
                                            and sick off looking at 4 walls . now we are coming out of lockdown , i need friends to go out with meetup for coffee lunch etc,
                                            My email is [email protected]
                                            I live In Lusk always in swords
                                            hope to hear from you

                                          •  dani #54871


                                              I’ve just seen your post, I’m aware you wrote it quite a while ago, I really do hope you are doing well 😊

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