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  •  Car #52770

      hi my name is caroline ive recently moved to swords from the midlands where i left all my friends and i havent a clue where to start making new ones so i thought id try here im hoping to meet people (male/female) if any one is interested get in touch ๐Ÿ™‚

    •  Sherall #52851

        Hi my name is maeve and I too am looking for friends in swords area. I love walking ,chatting or having a cofree. I recently had to give up work due to a health scare and find the day is so long and can be lonely. Kids ranging in ages and want more than to just be a mum!

      •  Car #52856

          Hi maeve would u like to send on email address and we cud talk there thanks

        •  Ola #53050

            Hello Caroline,

            It would be nice to meet up with you for coffee, eating out et al. My email is [email protected]. Male and 37 years old.

          •  Triona1 #53228

              any older ladies in these areas looking for new friends?

            •  Brecklad #53237

                Hey recently moved here myself a few months ago from yorkshire…would be good to meet new people, kind of crap as friend connections are either through work or when growing up

                Im male and 32

                •  Car #53255

                    Hi brecklad would u like to send me ur email?

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                •  Suzi #53346

                    Hi Car,
                    I would love to meet up for drinks, chats, coffee, whatever goes. Im 29, and live in north Dublin also. My email is [email protected]. Drop me a mail there x

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