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  •  Emzies #53152

      I have moved from the west and I’m looking to meet people in tullamore who are up for the craic! Cinema, dancing, drinks, coffee etc. I’m a 28 year old woman! Don’t know anyone really around here except my other half!!
      Anyways let me know!! 😊😊 Thanks.

    •  Tatz #53160

        Hi Emzies, thought I replied to this but its not showing?!

        I just posted today looking for friends in Tullamore, if you wanna take a look and let me know if you think we’d get along!

        •  Emzies #53161

            Hi Tatz,
            I just read your post!! You sounds like a lot of fun! 😊
            I love champagne and chocolate too!!
            If your up for meeting at the weekend let me know! We could have coffee somewhere! Maybe the Bridge house?

            •  Tatz #53175

                Hey! I am shite at checkin emails only seeing your reply now! I have no idea how to send stuff privately through this so I’ll give you my insta @not_supermomtara420 and we can connect there if you have it?!

                •  Emzies #53176

                    I sent you a request there!! 😁

                  •  Emzies #53177

                      I sent you a request there!! 😁

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