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      I feel weird posting here and I’m wondering to myself if anybody will actually respond… I dont even know if this is the right place to put this but anyway…
      Basically, I had lived in Dublin for ages. I moved to London for a while and moved around for a little bit. My friendships suffered and I driffted apart from the people that I thought were friends.
      I am on this site ’cause I think its an interesting way to potentially meet people and I’d like to see if it actually works!
      I am a 23 yr old young lady and love going out, doing random stuff and I love to talk! Oh and I am big into fashion (not in an airhead sort of way…). I would preferably like to meet females, (any age will do!) that think we might click! I dont mind meeting guys either but i am not looking for a boyfriend. I have loads of male friends and there is only so much you can do with a guy. I really miss having girly nights out. Anyway, if I sound like your kind of person, send me a message!
      Look forward to hearing from you soon…

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