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  •  Leah Bentham #45805

      I moved to Cork from Yorkshire, UK, 2 years ago to live with my boyfriend. Life has been a whirlwind since with 2 house moves, 2 job changes and a baby later. In all this it’s been quite difficult meeting people and settling into Cork life. It would be great to meet new people outside my partner’s social circle and family. I am 29 years old and love seeing new places and doing new things, the outdoors, sport, music etc. Let me know if you fancy meeting.Leah

    •  Masa #45810

        Hi Leah 😀

        I am from Newcastle and living in Cork!! What part of Yorkshire are you from?

        •  Leah B #45813

            Hiya… I’m from a village just outside Harrogate, near Leeds. And I used to live in Newcastle would ya believe it. Lived, trained and worked there for 5 years. Love the toon and going back hopefully in a couple of months to see mates. How long have you been over here then?

        •  Masa #45814

            Cool!! I am in Ireland for nearly 14 years 😀 I am in my 30’s by the way. My email is – drop me a message there sometime and we can swap experiences.

          •  Gillian #45825


              I’m living in cork the last few years and in a similar situation. .changed jobs and house and a couple of babies later here I am. I’m from Dublin
              if you wanna meet or see if we’re living close to each other here’s my email address


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