UK Girl, Mid 20’s Looking to Make Some Friends!

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      Hey Everyone

      I moved to Ireland to live with my Irish boyfriend a few months ago and am looking to make some new friends! We are currently living in Greystones, work in the City Centre and go the gym in Leopardstown.

      Before moving to Ireland, I’d spent the last 18 months travelling US, Oz, Asia and Indonesia and I’m originally from England.

      I work in IT, in a company pretty much full of men so it’s been tricky meeting any girls! Unfortunately, the girls from my boyfriend’s village are quite clicky, so it would be great to meet some new, friendly, down to earth people in and around the 21-30 age group.

      I enjoy loads of different things like cinema, eating out, gym classes, playing pool, outdoorsy things, indoorsy things, nights-out – cheesey 80’s bars are my favourites! Sometimes I like trying to be elegant drinking cocktails and sometimes I just really fancy a pint!… Pretty much enjoy doing most things really!

      I’d love to get involved in some sort of sports team, or something active like drama, or a class, but, unfortunately I have no talent or skill! If anyone knows of any local teams or groups willing to take absolute amateurs I’d love to know!

      Lifestyle is that my boyfriend and I are working full time, saving for a house and family in the next 5 years or so, so as much as I like having fun, my life is quite sensible too, and I can be a bit shy. He plays GAA 2, 3 or 4 times a week so I’d like to do something other than watch telly or go to the gym alone! Mostly I’d really like to meet genuine, down to earth people who are maybe in a similar position.

      Anyway, thanks for reading this 🙂

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