Visiting Dublin in November

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  •  Sabrina #47046

      I am coming to Dublin for a two week visit. I was coming to see a friend I have been talking to for almost a year. But now I think they are a bit too nervous. But I already have ticket and don’t want to waste it. Hope to at least have someone to tell me whats what..

    •  Ola #47049

        Sorry to hear about that Sabrina, sounds disappointing but you could still have a good visit nonetheless. I’ve also been looking to explore more of Dublin, so maybe this is a good opportunity. Feel free to text me 0899519516

      •  Sabrina #47053

          Ola… thank you. That number…may sound silly. But I need to put in country code also don’t I? I just wasn’t sure.

        •  Ola #47070

            Youre welcome, it’s my fault… Really should have added the country code myself. It’s +343899519516. Hope you’re well. X

          •  Sabrina #47087

              Yes I will message you. Thank you so much. Trying to finish up details. 😊

            •  Ola #47094

                Alright, hope it all goes accordingly😊 Looking forward to hearing from you.

              •  shaun #47108

                  Hi sabrina,

                  Sorry to hear about your friend. Im always on the look out for new adventures and to meet new interesting people. Mail me your details more than happy to show you around.

                •  orla #47253

                    Hi Ola, Your welcome to join myself and a friend for drinks/dancing in town some weekend if your interested text 0876194385

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