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  •  Anonymous #54672

      Hello. I’m Fi. I’ve recently moved to Mullingar. I’m 29 and finding it hard to meet people even without the current circumstances. Into coffee, walks and drinks.

      Drop me an email if interested in forming a meet up


    •  rachelm #54728

        Hey Fiona Iā€™m 28 and Iā€™m not far from mullingar if you are still looking for a walking buddy!

        •  Anonymous #54732

            Hey Rachel

            That’s great. I’m still here anyway. Let me know a day you’re free to grab walk and coffee


        •  ihaveadream #54736

            Hey girls

            I’m also from the area and don’t know many people. It’d be great to join you if I could šŸ™‚


            •  Anonymous #54741

                Hey Ash

                That sounds great. We should meet some of the days?

                Let me know when free for a walk and coffee

                •  ihaveadream #54743

                    great. I cant seem to find the link for a private message, perhaps its just my phone. I can do tomorrow or friday if you like. Though I do have gym at 2pm tomorrow. Anytime in the evening is fine for me šŸ™‚ say a time and place and I’ll see you there. I’ll have the feather in me cap šŸ˜€

                    •  [email protected] #54762

                        Hey I would love to join ye for walk and coffee …what are your emails 😀😀

                •  Anonymous #54752

                    Hey. I’m going on a trip but I’m back Monday onwards. Any evening then I’m free !! Let me know

                  •  ihaveadream #54754

                      awh lovely, enjoy! Okay il email you next week šŸ™‚

                    •  rachelm #54755

                        Hey girls what are your emails?

                      •  ihaveadream #54756

                          Hi Rachel

                          Another member, yeahee, mines *email removed*

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                        •  Montana #54766

                            Hey girls. I’m just after moving to Mullingar. I’m 27, I’d love to join ye if ye will have me 🥳🥳🥳
                            Follow me on insta kalninamontaa and give me a shout. 😊😊😊

                          •  Amz29 #54768

                              Hello ladies Iā€™m only new to Longford and looking to make new friends 😊 Iā€™m a 20 min drive from mullingar so would love to meet up with you all 😊

                              •  rachelm #54775

                                  Hey Amz Iā€™m in Longford aswell, what is your email? 😊

                                  •  Amz29 #54776

                                      Hey hun

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                                    •  Amz29 #54779


                                        •  ihaveadream #54783

                                            Hi Amy and Montana, email me if you’d like to meet up. Im between mullingar and longford. The other girls don’t seem to receive messages but id love to meet you. Email me at [email protected]

                                          •  Amz29 #54787

                                              Hey hun I emailed you there 😊

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