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  •  Tatiana #46052

      Hello my name is Tatiana, I’m 21 and from Montreal. I am doing my intern in events management in Dublin in order to be with my boyfriend but would love to hang out with people other than him and at work! If you love outdoor or fun activities and if you love being adventurous, you just found your travel buddy 🙂

    •  Essen #46055

        Hey you seem quite a fun person, till when you staying in Dublin ? I study there but I’m from Dubai, and I live in Dubai now ! We should totally meet when Im back xxx

      •  Cristiane #46060


          I’m from Brazil and I’m studying English in Ireland. I enjoy hiking, outdoor activities, cafés, museums, etc. My English level is intermediate, I don’t know if it’s a problem for you.

          I have free time on Friday night and weekends.


          •  tatiana #46111

              My English isn’t super duper great so it’s all good! 🙂
              My email address is http://scr.im/36rn

          •  Sarah #46102

              Hi girls!

              I am Sarah, a 20 yo from Paris. I love cinemas, travels, books. I am near Dublin – about 40 minutes, and would like to make new friends to hang out with on the week-ends!
              E-mail me 👉 http://scr.im/36r2 💫💃

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