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  •  fiona #44587

      Hiya I’m living in dublin. 28 years old. Most of my friends have moved away. So would be great to get to know new friends.

    •  Leanne #44592

        Hi Fiona. I’m in exactly the same boat. I’m 25, originally from Clare and I’m living in Dublin for a year and a half. Everyone I know seems to either be settling down or moving away. My email is http://scr.im/30xo if you want to chat.

        Leanne 🙂

        •  Ian #44622

            Hi Leanne,

            I new to Dublin and thought id say hi. Hoping to meet and make new friends.

        •  fiona #44593

            Hiya sent u a mail there. Thanks

          •  Will #44594

              Hey both,just moved back to Dublin and don’t really know anyone… wa
              nt to meet people too. Im 28, m from Galway.

            •  fiona #44595

                Hi Will
                Ya i’m from mayo. Have you just moved back.

              •  Will #44596

                  Hi Fiona, well ive been back a few months… lived here once or twice before but never for very long…

                  Im sorry but this website is awkward nd slow. Drop me a line if youd like to make friends?


                •  fiona #44599

                    Will sent u an email there.

                  •  fiona #44609

                      Is there many on this I wonder

                    •  Ian #44614


                        I’m new to Dublin looking to socialise with new people and make friends. Did this thread arrange a met? I be keen to join if you have.

                      •  fiona #44616

                          No we didn’t. Sure my email is http://scr.im/32cx. 🙂

                        •  Amal #44619

                            Hi Fiona,

                            Also I arrived Dublin from 5 months and I’m looking to improve my relations.
                            My email: http://scr.im/32d2

                          •  fiona #44621

                              Sent you an email there Amal

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