Weekend adventures and nights out in Dublin

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  •  Anonymous #54197

      Hello my name is Fiona. I’m 30.Looking to meet new friendly faces in Dublin, particularly “gal pals”..😊 I love nights out, hiking (love Howth/Bray walks), shopping, coffees and chats at weekends. Please get in touch if you looking for same. 😊😊✌

    •  K8 #54199

        Hi Fiona,

        I hope you are well. My name is Katie, I am 30 also and we seem to share alot of interests. I am sure you are in the same boat with friends, getting married and having children etc. We should meet up for a coffee sometime.

        Are you a dublin girl? or where are you from?

        Have a lovely weekend, chat soon.

        K xo

        •  orlagh #54283

            Hi Fiona and Katie,

            We are a couple of girls in our early 40’s and have very similar interests also. We usually meet up every second saturday for nights out in town. You are more than welcome to join us. Be great to hear from you both.

        •  CanJordan #54223

            Hi Fiona,

            Moved here a few months ago from Canada. Looking to meet new people and make new friends. I’m married to an Irish so this move is pretty permanent so time to make roots in Dublin.
            I’m a pretty active person and love to meet up for chats.

          •  Gail #54261

              Hi Fiona,

              I am interested in the same things as you. Drop me a line if you are still looking to meet new people.

            •  Fionna Claire #54264

                Hey Fiona, Im another Fiona too 🙂

                Im same age,and looking for the same. Id love to meet some new friends for nights out dancing , dinner drinks, walks brunch, tea or coffee. Feel free to give me a shout 🙂 would love to hear from you !

              •  Conny K #54288

                  Hi together, are you planning something this long weekend? It would be nice to enyoin you. I am from Germany and I am here in Dublin with my dog.
                  Greetings Conny

                •  JessicaH #54314

                    Hi Fiona!

                    My nane is Jessica and im a 29 year old Canadian living in Dublin also seeking the same as you! Would be great to meet like minded and easy going girls to go for coffee, drinks, walks or hanging out 🙂 Feel free to get in touch!

                    •  Ruth #54315

                        Hey my name is Ruth, Im 31 and interested in same kinds of things. All my friends are moving on getting married etc so hard to catch up with them. Im working in Dublin but living an hour or so away so its quite hard to find time to meet new ppl. Id be up for drinks or walks etc. Feel free to contact me 🙂

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