who wants to be friend with me?

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  •  khaleesi #42042

      I’m 22 from Dublin and I’m new here so i was wondering of anyone in my situation? I’d love to hangout with some of you people cause I’m tired of the one way HOME-WORK and WORK-HOME lol
      Please message me if intrested. Thanks folks! Xxxxxxxxx

    •  Ali #42043

        Heya, i know what you mean at times…it would be cool to get to know some more ppl for new activities…private mail me your email and we can chat 🙂

      •  Jule #42157

          Hey there, I’d be looking for some people to hang out too, just moved to Dublin and kinda bored of this whole work and home routine. I’m 23, love music and concerts, travelling and so on. Let me know if ye wanna meet up at some stage. Cheers

        •  James #42159

            Hey! Im James and like yourself looking to make you friends for fun activities.
            I know its hard sometimes to make new friends even in a new city. So if your interested in chating
            and getting to know each other and meetup your welcome to send me pm thanks

          •  aine #42183

              Hey…..im aine im 20 im looking to make New friends too..most of my mates are in relationships so it can be difficult to get ti meet up nowadays….if you ever want to just chat or meet up I’d love to hear from.you =)

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