Work out buddies or wine drinking buddies needed… no particular order! ☺️

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  •  Abigailadair #52479

      Hello! My name is Abigail, I’m 31, originally from the UK but have lived in Dubai for the past 9yrs. I moved to Dublin in November and have really struggled to make girlfriends. I love the usual girlie things & love to eat out and have a few drinkies. I also really like to keep fit (I’m a qualified pt – but don’t do it as a living) I feel i’m far better motivated when I train with someone so if there are any like minded girls out there who would like to exercise together…….a little healthy competition & free pt never hurt anyone and summer is coming ☀️☀️! Happy to work out after work &/or weekends and then perhaps reward ourselves with a 🍷 X2

      Also happy to just do the wine part……..a little lonely so any form or company would be great! 🙂


    •  scubydoo #52482

        Hay there…would love to chat…I like hiking & kinda wanna get fiter! I’ve in naas

      •  AnaCarolina #52483

          Hi Abigail. My name is Ana. I will be moving to Dublin in August. I am always up for some cocktails and a fun night out! It would also be great motivation to have a workout partner. Let’s chat? It would be great to see a friendly face when i make the move this summer as I know absolutely no one in Ireland :).

        •  Mell #52516

            Hi I’m new to site 😊I’m in Dublin easter weekend if you still wanting to the friends circle 💅👡💄
            I live in mayo but love to get away for weekends. Looking for new gal pals 😊

          •  Grainne 1989 #52528

              Hi Abigail!

              Im from Cork in Ireland but moved to Dublin a few months ago.i lived in Sydney before that for 6 years, so i know what a big change moving country is!

              let me know if you want to catch up for wine, coffee, walk or whatever!!

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