Would like more friends in Dublin :)

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  •  Antara #46181

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Antara, I am a 26 years old female from India. I came to Dublin in 2013 and now some of my friends are either very busy or have moved away. I would love to have more friends around Dublin. I live in Dublin-4 . My hobbies and interests include: traveling, writing, painting, scrabble, badminton and so on. I also enjoy nice conversations over a cup of tea :).
      Hope to hear from you soon šŸ™‚

    •  Tanya #46183

        Hi Antara
        Mail me if u wana chat and meet up sometime šŸ™‚


      •  Antonella #46184

          Hi there
          I’m Antonella and I’m from Italy. I am an au pair and I live near Dublin. Usually, I am free on the weekends. We could keep in touch on Skype and go out in Dublin if you want, maybe with other friends:) Let me know!

          •  Antara #46185

              Hi Antonella. That’s great! I have some au pair experience too. I am sure we would have a lot to talk about :). We could definitely meet up. Would you mind sharing your email address with me? šŸ™‚

              •  Antonella #46187

                  Great!!! Yes this is my email http://scr.im/36ua

                  •  Priya #46282

                      Hi, i’m new to this website.
                      My name is Priya and I’m basically looking to make new friends in city centre.

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