Would like to meet new people in Dublin city centre

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  •  Alvaro #44719

      Dear all,

      This is Alvaro, coming from Spain and 24 aged. I’m a Trinity College researcher in Anglo-Irish Literature (yep, I know it sounds crazy), and my activity sometimes makes me feel a bit lonely (or even maaad). Plus, my field is a bit too competitive so there’s no much space for real friendships. That’s why I’d like to meet new people to go for a drink, to go to the cinema, to ‘philosophize’, to even go and party or dance somewhere (I’m a total salsaholic if you guys know what I mean), etc. Since I live in the city centre (well, 15 mins from it), I’d like to meet people in there if possible. Please if you feel you are in a similar position don’t hesitate to contact me freely.



    •  James #44720

        Hi Alvaro,

        I live in the centre and I like to philosophize.

        My email is http://scr.im/32r9

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